Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine – NIBIB – NIH

What is nuclear medicine? Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that uses
radioactive tracers (radiopharmaceuticals) to assess bodily functions and to
diagnose and treat disease. Specially designed cameras allow doctors to track
the path of these radioactive tracers. Single Photon Emission Computed
Tomography or …

2002 Guide for Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine – NRC

This reference manual is designed to assist nuclear medicine professionals in
implementation of newly revised regulations of the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission (NRC) dealing with the medical use of byproduct material (10 CFR
Part 35). The book surveys NRC regulations and radiation protection policies
applicable to …

VHA Handbook 1105.02, Nuclear Medicine and … – Veterans Affairs

ISSUE. This Veteran Health Administration (VHA) Handbook provides
procedures for the administrative structure and management of services and
service lines providing Nuclear Medicine in the Department of Veteran Affairs …

Nuclear Medicine Design Guide – Office of Construction & Facilities …

Foreword. The material contained in the Nuclear Medicine Design Guide is the
culmination of a partner ing effort by the Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans
Health Administration and the Fa cilities Quality Office. The goal of the Design
Guide is to ensure the quality of VA facilities while controlling construction and …

Integrated Nuclear Medicine Research and Training Projects of …

Office of Biological and Environmental Research. Integrated Nuclear Medicine
Research and Training Projects of Excellence. Funding Opportunity Number: DE-
FOA-0000646. Announcement Type: Initial. CFDA Number: 81.049. ISSUE DATE
: January 20, 2012. Pre-Application Due Date: February 23, 2012.

Certified Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Certificate Application

Certified Technologist Nuclear Medicine Certificate Application. Last Name (
Please Print). First Name. Middle Name. Date of Birth. Social Security Number.
Phone Number. Mailing Address. Email Address. City. State. Zip Code. Pursuant
to the authority found in Section 114870 of the California Health and Safety Code
and …

CMS Manual System –

Jul 10, 2015 482.26 concerning radiologic services and 42 CFR 482.53 concerning nuclear
medicine. NOTE: Tag A-0545 has been deleted and the regulations and revised
Interpretive Guidelines have been relocated to Tag A-0546. Tags A-0554 and
Tag A-0555 have been deleted and the regulations and revised …

application for radiology license –

E-mail address (for future license renewal notification). City. State. ZIP code.
Social Security Number (Required per IC4-1-8-1) *. Daytime telephone number (
including area code). (. ) Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy). LICENSE CATEGORY.
Cardiac Catheterization. Chiropractic. Nuclear Medicine. Radiation Therapy.
Chest. Dental.

Measure #147: Nuclear Medicine: Correlation with Existing Imaging …

Dec 15, 2016 Measure #147: Nuclear Medicine: Correlation with Existing Imaging Studies for
All Patients. Undergoing Bone Scintigraphy – National Quality Strategy Domain:
Communication and Care. Coordination. 2017 OPTIONS FOR INDIVIDUAL

105 CMR 125.000 Licensing of Radiologic Technologists –

Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, Mammography, Computed
Tomography,. Positron Emission Tomography, or any combination thereof.
Radiologist Assistant means those Radiologic Technologists who have
successfully completed an educational program recognized by the Department
for Radiologist …


radiation therapy and operate medical imaging or radiation therapy equipment,
including a nuclear medicine technologist, radiation therapist, radiographer,
radiologist assistant, sonographer, or magnetic resonance imaging technologist.
5. "Medical imaging" means the performance of any diagnostic or interventional.

radioactive materials section – Florida Department of Health

The Florida Bureau of Radiation Control is issuing this information notice to
encourage licensees to provide documentation to patients who receive nuclear
medicine diagnostic studies or therapeutic treatment. Although the amount of
radioactive material used for these procedures is small and not harmful to the
patient, …

Condition of participation

to the scope and complexity of the services offered. (1) There must be a director
who is a doctor of medicine or osteopathy quali- fied in nuclear medicine. (2) The
qualifications, training, func- tions, and responsibilities of nuclear medicine
personnel must be specified by the service director and approved by the medical

Chapter 133 – Texas Department of State Health Services

(16) Director–The hospital licensing director, Department of State Health
Services. (17) Emergency medical condition–A medical condition manifesting
itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity (including severe pain, psychiatric
disturbances or symptoms of substance abuse) such that the absence of
immediate medical …

Illinois Accreditation Requirements in Medical … –

Illinois Emergency Management Agency. Division of Nuclear Safety. A Guide for.
Illinois. Accreditation. Requirements in. Medical Radiation. Technology. Pat
Quinn. Jonathan Monken. Governor. Director …

Regulations Governing Registration of Medical Radiation …

“Ionizing radiation” means x-rays and gamma rays, alpha and beta particles, high
speed electrons, neutrons and other nuclear particles. 4. "X-radiation" means
penetrating electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths short than ten (10)
nanometers produced by bombarding a metallic target with fast electrons in a
vacuum. 5.


In Nuclear Medicine, radioiodine, in various chemical forms, is a key tracer used
in diagnostic practices and/or therapy. Due to its high volatility, medical
professionals may incorporate radioactive iodine during the preparation of the
dose to be administered to the patient. In radioactive iodine therapy doses
ranging from 3.7 …

Application for License to Practice Radiography – Nebraska …

medical radiography, which can be proven with a current copy of your ARRT card
and temporary medical radiographers need official documentation from an …. I
have submitted proof of certification from the Nuclear Medicine Technology
Certification Board and proof of registration from ARRT in computed tomography;