Oregon Medical Marijuana Act

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Oregon Medical Marijuana Act

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oregon medical marijuana actOregon.gov


OREGON MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT. Statutes: ORS 475.300 through 475.346.
Administrative Rules: 333-008-000 through 333-008-0120. DEFINITIONS: “
Patient” – means a person who has been diagnosed by an attending physician
with a debilitating condition and for who the use of medical marijuana may
mitigate the …

Oregon Medical MarijuanaOregon.gov


Legislative Relief. In 2005 Senate Bill 1085 was passed in an effort to eliminate
ambiguity and confusion in the interpretation of the. Oregon Medical Marijuana
Act. The goal was to establish clear bright lines for law enforcement and
participants of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

OAR 333-008: Medical MarijuanaOregon.gov


May 31, 2017 (d) A person applying for a medical marijuana dispensary registration under ORS
475B.450. (3) "Attending … medical condition and that the medical use of
marijuana may mitigate the symptoms or effects of ….. a resident of Oregon, such
as but not limited to a current lease agreement or current utility bill.

Oregon Medical Marijuana ActOregon Public Health Division


Page 1. Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA). Visit https://www.
oregonlegislature.gov/bills_laws/ors/ors475b.html for current. Oregon Cannabis
regulations. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act begins at 475b.400.

Medical Marijuana Informational Bullet 2016-09: Laws … – Oregon.gov


Apr 18, 2016 The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) would like to remind
dispensaries and processors of laws and rules regarding limited marijuana retail
sales, free marijuana give-a- ways, raffles, drawings, or other games to win prizes
, and the Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act as we approach April 20.

Measure 91 – Oregon.gov


Nov 4, 2014 federal requirements for the contract;. (5) To require a person to violate a federal
law;. (6) To exempt a person from a federal law or obstruct the enforcement of a
federal law; or. (7) To amend or affect in any way the Oregon Medical Marijuana
Act. SECTION 5. Definitions. As used in sections 3 to 70 of this …

Marijuana in Oregon: State resources by topic – Oregon.gov


Regulates the sale of recreational marijuana in Oregon. Works with local law
enforcement and State. Police to enforce the law. ph: 503 872 5000 marijuana.
oregon.gov. Oregon Health. Authority: Oversees the medical marijuana
cardholder registry for patients and regulates medical marijuana dispensaries,
processors and.

Marijuana Regulation – Oregon State Legislature


Jul 17, 2017 Committees: Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation. Background and Current
Law: Legislation in 2015, 2016, and 2017 established the relationship between
the state's recreational marijuana licensing system maintained by the Oregon
Liquor. Control Commission (OLCC) and the medical marijuana …

Marijuana use, attitudes and health effects in OregonOregon.gov


In November 2014, Oregon voters passed Measure 91 to legalize non-medical
retail marijuana sale in the state. The Oregon Health Authority's Public Health
Division created this report to provide current data on marijuana-related public
health surveys and other measures. This report summarizes readily available
data …

A Baseline Evaluation of Cannabis Enforcement Priorities in Oregon


Jan 3, 2017 Oregon has had a state-authorized medical cannabis system since 1998, and in
November. 2014, Oregon voters approved the Control, Regulation, and Taxation
of Marijuana and. Industrial Hemp Act, commonly known as Measure 91 to
legally commercialize non-medical retail cannabis in the state.

Michigan Medical Marihuana Act – Michigan Legislature – State of …


Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Washington do not penalize the
medical use and cultivation of marihuana. Michigan joins in this effort for the
health and welfare of its citizens. History: 2008, Initiated Law 1, Eff. Dec. 4, 2008.
Compiler's note: MCL 333.26430 of Initiated Law 1 of 2008 provides: 10.

Chapter 13 confirmation Controlled substance Good faith Medical


Jun 9, 2011 under federal law. Section 1325(a)(3) prevents confirmation of a plan that
depends on illegal activity. The Plan also depended on income from the Debtor's
own medical marijuana grow operation. Under Oregon law, a medical marijuana
grower can only be reimbursed for supplies and utilities associated …

Medical Marijuana The New Hampshire Board of Nursing – NH.gov


licensee from performing tasks that are allowed by the provisions of the Nurse
Practice Act and. Rules, but may not expand the scope of nursing practice
beyond what is legislated. New Hampshire has adopted medical marijuana laws.
The New Hampshire Board of Nursing echoes the Oregon Nurses Association (
2007) in …

Sunrise Analysis: Regulation of Medical Marijuana … – Hawaii.gov


Dec 12, 2014 Acting State Auditor. State of Hawai'i. For the full text of this and other reports, visit
our website: http://auditor.hawaii.gov/. Sunrise Analysis: Regulation of Medical.
Marijuana Dispensaries. Report No. 14-12, December 2014. Flaw in existing
medical marijuana law justiϔies regulation of dispensaries.

Marijuana Regulations – City of Milwaukie


E-MAIL: planning@milwaukieoregon.gov. Marijuana. Regulations. In 2015, the
City of Milwaukie adopted local regulations to allow for medical marijuana
dispensaries. Following the passage of State of Oregon Measure 91, the City
added regulations to address recreational marijuana businesses in Milwaukie.
These were …

Medical Marijuana Meets Zoning – Lewis County


Law Center. IntroduCtIon. Although the federal government does not explicitly
allow it,1 14 states (Alaska,. California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine,. Michigan,
Montana, New Jersey, New. Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island,. Vermont,
and Washington)2 currently permit the medical use of marijuana for qualified

The DEA Position on Marijuana


Apr 16, 2007 Marijuana is properly categorized under Schedule I of the Controlled Substances
Act (CSA), 21. U.S.C. § 801 … prosecutors in states that have enacted laws
authorizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. ….. Measure 80, Initiative
9, The Oregon Tax Act Initiative, sought to repeal Oregon's marijuana.

Illinois House Bill 1 – Medical Marijuana ProCon.org


Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont,. Washington
, and Washington, D.C. have removed state-level criminal penalties from the
medical use and cultivation of cannabis. Illinois joins in this effort for the health
and welfare of its citizens. (f) States are not required to enforce federal law or.