Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

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Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

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OHA 9240 Medical Marijuana Program ApplicationOregon.gov


OHA 9240 (5/2017). PUBLIC HEALTH DIVISION. Oregon Medical Marijuana
Program. Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Application(to be completed by
patient). Please read instructions and fee information on back BEFORE filling out
form. Patient information (required; type or print legibly). Name (first, middle initial
, last):.

Instructions for Online Patient Application and … – Oregon.gov


The Oregon Medical Marijuana Online System (OMMOS) is a system designed to
allow patients to apply for their Medical Marijuana Card online. This system is not
replacing the current process of mailing your paper application in, it is in addition
to that system. Our hope is with this training and the training resources.

2016 Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Dispensary … – Oregon.gov


Apr 12, 2017 In Calendar Year 2016, medical marijuana dispensaries registered with the
Oregon Medical. Marijuana Program (OMMP) sold an estimated at 90,823 lbs., or
41.2 metric tons of usable marijuana.1 Approximately, 27% of these sales were to
OMMP Registry Identification. Cardholders and designated …

OLCC Marijuana Program: Frequently Asked … – Oregon.gov


Dec 29, 2017 Cannabis Tracking System (CTS). Page 2. Consumers. Page 2. Fees. Page 3.
Forms. Page 4. General. Page 5. Hemp. Page 12. Labeling & Packaging. Page
13. Local Government – Opt Out. Page 13. Local Government – Zoning. Page 14.
Marijuana Worker Permit. Page 15. Medical Marijuana. Page 17.

OAR 333-008: Medical MarijuanaOregon.gov


May 31, 2017 administration of marijuana, or use of paraphernalia used to administer
marijuana to mitigate the symptoms or effects of a debilitating medical condition. (
40) "Minor" means an individual under the age of 18. (41) "Oregon Health Plan (
OHP)" means the medical assistance program administered by the.

Oregon Medical MarijuanaOregon.gov


ORS – 475.300. OMMA Intent. “marijuana…should be treated like other
medicines”. “[patients] should be allowed to use small amounts of marijuana”. “
make only those changes to existing. Oregon laws that are necessary to protect
patients and their doctors” …

Attending Physician's Statement – Oregon.gov


ATTENDING PHYSICIAN'S STATEMENT. Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.
Instructions: Please complete all sections of this form in order to comply with the
registration requirements of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act OR provide
relevant portions of the patient's medical record containing all information
required on …

Marijuana in OregonOregon.gov


ph: 503 872 5000 marijuana.oregon.gov. Oregon Health. Authority: Oversees the
medical marijuana cardholder registry for patients and regulates medical
marijuana dispensaries, processors and grow sites. ph: 971 673 1234
healthoregon.org/ommp. Oregon Department of Agriculture: Administers many
programs that.

oregon medical marijuana act – Oregon.gov


“Primary Caregiver” – means a person 18 years of age or older who has “
significant responsibility” for managing the well-being of a person who has been
diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition and who is designated as such
on the person's application for a registry identification card or in other written
notification to …

Recreational Marijuana FAQ – Beaverton, OR


BeavertonOregon.gov. Recreational Marijuana FAQ. What recreational
marijuana uses are allowed in Beaverton? The City of Beaverton allows the
following recreational marijuana uses: • Retail Marijuana Sales; … license is also
required for both recreational and medical marijuana sales. When can I apply for
a City …

Status of Oregon Marijuana ProgramsOregon State Legislature


Apr 2, 2016 April 2016. Status of Oregon Marijuana Programs. UBackground. In November
1998, Oregon voters approved Ballot Measure 67, which allowed the use of
marijuana for medical purposes, within specified limits. The Oregon Medical
Marijuana Act provides legal protections for qualified patients, requires a …

Patient Access to Medical Marijuana in Washington State


Jul 1, 2008 Since 1996, 12 states have passed laws allowing the medical use of marijuana.
These states are Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Montana,. Nevada,
New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. The laws of
these states differ in details but share some basic features. Most of.

Medical Marijuana The New Hampshire Board of Nursing – NH.gov


New Hampshire has adopted medical marijuana laws. The New Hampshire
Board of Nursing echoes the Oregon Nurses Association (2007) in that it
supports the right of all patients to access, including nurses, therapeutic
marijuana to relieve symptoms of a disease when a medical provider determines
that marijuana is …

Comparison of States with Legalized Marijuana Colorado …


Nov 6, 2012 Page 1 of 5. VT LEG #312307 v.1. Colorado. Washington. Oregon. Alaska.
Authorization for retail marijuana. “Amendment 64” ballot initiative passed; …
admin. rules; Feb. 24,. 2015. State adopted permanent admin. rules;. Nov. 20,
2015. Medical marijuana. “Amendment 20” ballot initiative passed Nov. 7,.

Guidelines For The Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown


marijuana. In 2003, the Legislature enacted additional legislation relating to
medical marijuana. One of those statutes requires the Attorney General to adopt “
guidelines to ensure the security … On January 1, 2004, Senate Bill 420, the
Medical Marijuana Program Act (MMP), became … Oregon (2006) 546 U.S. 243,

Health Quality Subcommittee – The Florida Senate


Mar 28, 2017 McElroy. 2) Appropriations Committee. 3) Health & Human Services Committee.
SUMMARY ANALYSIS. HB 1397 implements Art. X, Sec. 29 of the Florida
Constitution, which allows the use of marijuana by patients with debilitating
medical conditions. The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act (CMCA) (ss.



marijuana. The first is an existing program for medical marijuana, which was
approved by the voters in 1998 and is governed by the Oregon Medical
Marijuana Act ("OMMA"), codified at. ORS 475.300 et seq. The Oregon Health
Authority administers the OMMA. In 2013, House Bill. 3460 required the Oregon
Health Authority …

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program – Arizona Department of Health …


Mar 12, 2013 Health and Wellness for all Arizonans azdhs.gov. Medical Marijuana States.
Alaska. Arizona. California. Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware. Hawaii. Maine.
Massachusetts. Michigan. Montana. Nevada. New Mexico. New Jersey. Oregon.
Vermont. Rhode Island. Washington. Washington D.C. …